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45 Types of Friends We All Have

Types of Friends We All Have

You would have heard the saying that friends are our chosen family. It’s quite true coz our family, our relatives are already chosen by God. But God gave us the freedom to choose friends. Be it school, college, workplace or social media, we gain friends of different personalities at every stage of life. Some stay longer, some leave us in the mid-way. But every friend creates memories in our life. Those memories which stay with us till our last breath, memories that become a reason for our smile and also the memories that become a testimonial of the happy life that we lead.

Oh, wait! I am not here to make you emotional. I am just here to summarise the different types of friends all of us would have had in our lives.

Let me start with the list of the different types of friends I have witnessed in life and hope you too would have.

  1. Spoiler Friend – This is the one who spoils you.

  2. Innocent Friend - The one whom you spoil.

  3. Problematic Partner - That one whose life is always haunted by problems and keeps lamenting.

  4. Cool & Bindaas Friend - One who stays cool and happy-go-lucky, kicking out all the problems from life.

  5. Secret Sufferer - One whose life is full of issues but still pretends to be the happiest and the most blessed person in the world. Appropriately telling, jiski life hai ekdum jhand phir bhi chehra pe rehta hai khoob ghamand.

  6. WhatsApp Diva – He/she is the one who uploads at least 10 status on WhatsApp as a daily routine.

  7. Most Inactive - One who has never changed his/her WhatsApp DP for ages.

  8. Silent Detective – This spy reads all the messages on your WhatsApp group but never takes the effort to reply to any message.

  9. Selfish Friend - One who views all your stories on Instagram but never likes your posts.

  10. Social Butterfly - Whose habitat is Social Media and 1.5 GB is their fuel to stay alive.

  11. Love Guru - One who is all single but helps every friend to find a match.

  12. Love Bird - Whose maximum portion of life is spent on baby, sweetheart, babu, shona.

  13. Broken Friend - Who suffers from a breakup once in every 6 months but still keeps trying(quite optimistic, you know!).

  14. Neutral Friend - One who has always stayed away from love and feelings. Yeh toh duniya ki moh maaya se upar uth chuke hote hai!

  15. Gossip Queen - Has a trove of gossips of the entire world. Inke paas gossip ka pitara rehta hai aur hamesha badbad karte rehte hai.

  16. Treasurer of Notes - Owns the notes of all subjects and is the one most sought after for notes during exams.

  17. Canteen's Fame - Permanent resident of the canteen and always holding an open a/c in the canteen.

  18. Library's Child - Every book of the library is known to them. Books dance out of joy when this person visit the library. Ek ka canteen mein khaata khula rehta hai toh dusre ka library mein.

  19. Water Goddess - One who brings a water bottle and supplies water to everyone in the class.

  20. Roaming Friend - Gets teacher's permission to fetch water and roams around the whole campus.

  21. Tech Savy Friend - One who stays in the laboratory even during intervals trying out the experiments.

  22. Attendance Seeker - One who keeps begging teachers for attendance.

  23. Chota Saviour - One who helps you with last-minute studying of the whole syllabus before an exam.

  24. Bada Saviour - One who teaches you the latest tricks and tactics of cheating in the exam.

  25. Hunger-Striken Friend - One who eyes your tiffin always.

  26. Jealous Friend - One who eyes your achievements and feels jealous.

  27. Cry Baby – Can give you an award-winning performance in the field of crying.

  28. Greedy Friend - Who keeps asking for additional sheets in the exam hall and writes exams till the last minute.

  29. Borrower - One who comes to the exam hall and borrows a pen from the supervisor in the exam hall. Yeh mahaan insaan exam likhne ke liye teacher se hi pen udhaar maangte hai.

  30. Topper - Whose name is always at the top of the rankers list.

  31. Border-line Friend - There's a probability that this person may even become your junior next year. Jinki naiyya kabhi bhi doob sakti hai aur shayad agle saal woh aapke junior hi ban jaay.

  32. Teacher's Pet - Liked by the teacher, hated by students. But he/she becomes your saviour to get tour permissions and other crucial permissions from the teacher.

  33. Teacher's Foe - Seeing whom the teacher's BP raises.

  34. Entertainer - One who asks weird doubts to the teacher, argues and while away the lecture time.

  35. Betrayer – He/she is the one who reminds the teacher about assignments, projects and tests.

  36. Over-Excited Friend - One who excitedly plans for outings, tours and vacation trips and is always high on energy.

  37. Plan Spoiler - Always cancels the plan at the last minute, lamenting about parents' denial of permission.

  38. Bro Friend – One who is more of a brother rather than being a friend.

  39. Granny Friend - One who has advice and opinions for all situations under the sun.

  40. Makeup Maniac - Makeup and fashion is the fuel of their living.

  41. Show-Off Friend - Who feels that God has poured all the talent, looks and fortune only on him/her. Baaki sab toh dharti pe bojh hai.

  42. Financial Debtor – There is a probability that this person might ask you for a loan of Rs.10 to 1 crore too.

  43. Digital Debtor – One who begs you for the hotspot.

  44. Secret Spreader - Who can never digest any secret and feels relieved only after revealing the secret to everyone.

  45. Rumourist - Professional at creating & spreading rumours.

These are only a few types of friends that I have mentioned here. I am sure you would have experienced such friends in your life too. If you have had friends who were out of these 45 mentioned types, you can mention them in the comments section.

The number of friends doesn’t matter. What matters is that do you have friends who can stay by your side at every good and bad time of life. Value those who are with you because friends are the ones who come into our lives as a dose of happiness and entertainment.

The safest ship to sail would be friendship.

Hope you had a good recap of all the precious friends you had in life! Share the article with them and let them know how special they are.

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