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Are you studying in school? Have you graduated from school? Nevertheless, take a moment to dive into your memories, and you will find that your school life is alive in your heart and memories. There is no expiry date attached to them as these are the best moments of life. So here I bring you a collection of funny school memes that every student can relate to in the form of a meme story.


Two months-long summer vacations are nothing less than a golden period for school students. But this golden period is very short-lived, and by the time you realize it, school sets to re-open.


The preparations begin a week before the schools re-open; buying books, uniforms, school bags, stationery, etc. Make sure you buy a bunch of erasers in advance because these erasers love to be lost often.

Funny School meme for students

After giving up on vacation fun and performing these rituals, the least a student expects from the school is to declare the first working day of the academic year to be a half-working day.

But not every time you get what you ask!

Funny back to school meme for students

On the first day of school, you experience many new things except for old friends: new class, new teacher, new classmates and new troubles. After being a free bird for two months, the bird feels caged to be sitting in class for hours. However, teachers understand students’ situations and do not start with the syllabus on day one. The day is only reserved for introducing oneself to every new teacher in every other period.

Funny school meme for teachers and students
Translation: The day was yours but the year will be mine

After performing quite poorly in the previous class, on the first day of the new academic year students promise themselves to be studious and highly concentrated on their studies.

Funny school meme for students

However, your mind ain't be tricked, and it knows how short-lived your resolution would be. Moving ahead, in the new class, it’s time to occupy your seats. If you’re fortunate enough, you get to select your seat in class. Otherwise, the teacher allots seats to the students.

The prime motive of this ceremony is to separate the best friends so that they concentrate on their studies instead of chit-chat in class.

Funny school meme for students and teachers

Anyways, the academic year begins, and the routine resumes. But the excitement of a few teachers is always on another level.

Relatable school meme for teachers

Really!? Stories! Huh, we know how interesting they would be!


Though for every subject, respective periods get allotted, no idea how the planets and stars conspire and arrange for back to back lectures of subjects like Physics.

Best school meme for students

Funny meme on student yawning in class featuring Jethalal in meme template

One hour lecture on Physics, I’ll control my sleep and emotions. But when it crosses the threshold, these ice-breaker activities keep you alive in the class.

Funny school lecture memes for students

Lengthy lectures are fine; the teacher speaks, and we listen (at least pretend to). But what is so fascinating about asking questions to students amidst a lecture.

But we have our tricks to dodge these questions.

Funny high school meme that students can relate to

Beware! Your tricks might not work every time because your seniors and juniors have all been doing the same for years.

Hilarious school life meme for students featuring meme template from bollywood movie Hera Pheri
Translation: I am feeling dizzy

We are not wholly against asking questions during a lecture. You can ask questions but only to my friends and not me.

Funny student memes from shool life

Then there are some intelligent friends too who ask doubt to the teacher before he/she could question him/her. This is another ninja technique to sound brilliant in a class by asking frequent doubts.