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School and College days – two of the best phases of our life. All of us remember our school and college life. Right from the first day at school to the summer vacations, doing group studies to getting punished in groups, from sharing food to sharing gossips, be it morning prayers or be it birthday songs, the sports day or the cultural programs, be it Industrial visit or a camp, doing experiments at the laboratory to playing pranks on friends, sleeping in class to sleeping in the school bus, having silly fights with classmates to crying together on the farewell, every single memory of those days overwhelms us even after ages. Those were the best days of life! We never had many responsibilities nor did we have to face any troublesome challenges in life back then.

Oh, wait! Didn’t we have any troubles?

No way! We faced one of the biggest threats then. Remember?

This threat was so influential that it not only rendered sleepless nights but also deprived us of our freedom and peace most of the time.

It has many names, as Exams, Semesters, Tests, Surprise Tests, Cycle Tests, Practical Exams, Theory Exams, etc. And after the exams, came the Results, Mark Sheets, PTM, Backlogs, Supplementary, Arrears, Re-test, etc.

All of these just sound like those monster characters of some blockbuster horror movie.

Anyways, let’s give a funny twist to this horror movie today. And as we know, Memes have become one of the best ways to express fun and humour creatively. So, here I bring you a collection of memes that will give a great flashback of the exam times we had in school/college days.


Funny Exam Memes for Students featuring stand-up comedian Abhishek Upmanyu

Firstly, we won’t study the entire year and just before the exams, we would expect our book to upload its contents directly to our brains.

Funny Students Meme featuring Boney Kapoor in the meme template

Wish there could be a technology in future where the books and brain could be connected via wi-fi and the contents can be shared directly!

Anyway, we somehow convince our brain to study and open the books after motivating ourselves to the core. After studying for a few moments, our companions start visiting us. Guess who? We somehow convince our brain to study and open the books after motivating ourselves to the core. After studying for a few moments, our companions start visiting us. Guess who?

Sleep and dreams!

Funny exam meme featuring Salman Khan and Bhagyashree in the meme template

Translation: You proceed, I shall follow you.

To get rid of sleep and refresh oneself, we switch to our phone.

Now, what!?

As soon as you touch the phone, parents appear. You may study for two-three hours and no one will notice but as soon as you touch your phone, they appear. What a connection tho!?

And then you know what happens.

It's a funny meme on students and exams. The meme template features Alia Bhatt from Love You Zindagi movie.

Translation: Take my life

Oh, such a tragic sequence! But just hold your tears, don’t shed them so early.

The phone’s gone, so now what?

You start having an emotional backdrop and then gather your emotions and get back to study. And the beauty is your brain brings you troves of old memories and refrains you from studying. But still, you manage to study at least 1/4th of the syllabus.

Woohoo! It’s exam day.

You and your friends plan to cheat. But then there’s one innocent guy who tells, “We shouldn’t cheat, yaar.”

Funny Students exams memes featuring Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar and Suniel Shetty from Hera Pheri in the meme template

Translation: Do you have any other option?

Ultimately you convince this guy to cheat too. After all, we are too good at brainwashing our friends, right?

Now you get to the exam hall and find that you cannot take up the exam. Why?

Funny Exam Meme for students featuring bollywood meme template

Translation: When did it happen?

Attendance is one another trouble when you are in college. Sorry that I failed to mention it above. Failing because of securing marks less than required is something common. Legends fail because of having an attendance percentage below the required one. Somehow you beg, pay fine and manage to get inside the exam hall.

But wait, the tragedy doesn’t end here. Just when you’re about to step inside the exam hall you realize that you’ve forgotten to bring your hall ticket.

Just imagine!

Funny Exam describing students' situation in an exam hall and the meme template features #RasodeMeinKaunTha fame Kokilaben

Ek baar bina mangalsutra ke shaadi might be possible but attending an exam without a hall ticket is totally impossible.

“Aasmaan se gire, khajoor mein atke.” – a perfect saying to describe this situation.

You then pay the fine, buy an alternate copy of the hall ticket from the office and then enter the exam hall.

The exam gets started but before that, the supervisor gives you the instructions.

Funny Exam memes for Students featuring Chandler Bing from FRIENDS series

Now, you get the question paper.

Funny Student meme about Exams

You keep reading the question paper and find that a few questions are the one that you studied.

Funny Exam Memes for Students featuring Anushka Sharma in the meme template from the Kapil Sharma Show

That eternal happiness just can’t be explained! But still, you have to answer a few more questions to pass the exam.

You try to look at your friend to get his/her help. But you find him/her cheating all alone without helping you.

Funny Exam memes for students featuring ACP Pradyumna from CID show

Translation: You must be hanged

Shortly, the supervisor finds him/her cheating in the exam and punishes him/her.

Funny Exam memes for students and the meme template features Amitabh Bchchan from Kaun Banega Crorepati

Translation: Don’t look at me, I’ll not be able to help you.

Without knowing the answers, somehow you try to write some crap in the answer sheet. But the supervisor keeps starring at your answer sheet.

Funny Exam Memes for Students featuring Nawazuddin Siddique from Bajrangi Bhaijaan movie

Translation: Will you please get away from here?

You somehow try to recall the lessons from what you heard in class in the past. But as you try to remember the answers, songs hack your brain.

You won’t be reminded of those songs even during Antakshari but while writing an exam, the whole of your playlist gets played on a loop in your mind.

Funny Exam Memes for students featuring Hrithik Roshan in the meme template

Translation: Get away from my way

You somehow try to overcome the music effect. Meanwhile, supervisors are provided with snacks during the exam.

Funny Exam memes on students featuring Yoda from Avengers movie

Translation: I want the snacks too

But no, you are not provided with snacks. You are only provided with additional sheets.

And there are some people who keep asking for additional sheets. Like, seriously!? Is it some giveaway contest where the more the additional sheets you get, the more marks you’ll receive?

These are the people who demotivate you and get your blood pressure raised.

You then try to look at answers from other friends who are seated a little away in the exam hall.

Funny Exam Memes for students featuring Hrithik Roshan and Priety Zinta from Koi Mil Gaya movie

Translation: Here I go, there I go

Fed up of trying to copy, you try to sleep in the exam hall. But do you think that’s so easy?

You decide to fill up the MCQ’s then.

Funny Exam Meme for Students featuring stand up comedian from Comicstaan

Though you would have filled it all just in fluke still it’s so stressful to do inky pinky ponky for every question. Right?

The exam somehow comes to an end and you get out of the exam hall.

Funny Exam Meme for Students featuring Kristen Stewart in the meme template

But the trouble doesn’t end here. As soon as you come out of the exam hall, you find some cruel creatures discussing answers out of the exam hall. And just by overhearing their talks, you get to know that you’re definitely going to fail. Now you start praying to God.

Translation: Dear, this is an exception of the exception

Do you think such prayers get answered? I guess God would go lol too on hearing such prayers.

But there are a few lucky ones whose exams get cancelled at times.

Translation, Hey, let’s dance!

This brings our Comedy Horror movie to its climax. Hope you enjoyed relating to those typical examination scenes.

You can share your reviews in the comments section and yeah, you are welcome to share any of the other examination situations too that I might have missed mentioning above.