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30 Funny Exam Time Memes for Students in 2022

A hillarious collection of funny exam memes for students appearing for board exams in2022 that will make them go LOL & ROFL amidst the exam stress. For those who already graduated, it's a collection of funny school memes, college life memes and test memes to re-visit those happy times.


School and College days are two of the best phases of life. Right from the first day at school to the summer vacations, doing group studies to getting punished in groups, from sharing food to sharing gossip, be it morning prayers or be it birthday songs, the sports day or the cultural programs, be it Industrial visit or a camp, doing experiments at the laboratory to playing pranks on friends, sleeping in class to sleeping in the school bus, having silly fights with classmates to crying together on the farewell, every single memory of those days overwhelms us even after ages. Have a quick flashback of your school days with the funny school memes depicting common school life scenarios.

We never had bulky responsibilities or troublesome challenges in life back then.

Oh, wait! Didn’t we have any troubles?

No way! We faced one of the biggest threats then. Remember?

It has many names, such as Exams, Semesters, Tests, Surprise Tests, Cycle Tests, Practical Exams, Theory Exams, etc. And after the exams, came the Results, Mark Sheets, PTM, Backlogs, Supplementary, Arrears, Re-test, etc.

Here is a collection of exam memes weaved as a meme story for a hilarious flashback of the exam times in your school/college days.



Funny Exam Memes for Students featuring stand-up comedian Abhishek Upmanyu

Firstly, we won’t study the entire year and just before the exams, we request our teacher to give important questions having a higher probability to be asked in the exam.

Funny before exam meme when teacher gives important questions to study

After realizing that the important book is important, you try to upload the syllabus to the brain. But the network between your book and the brain is so vulnerable that the uploading happens at a speed of 1G. You expected to upload it at a speed of 5G!? Come one, get realistic!

Funny Students Meme featuring Boney Kapoor in the meme template

Wish there could be a technology in future where the books and brain could be connected via wi-fi and the contents can be shared directly!

Anyway, we somehow convince our brain to study and open the books after motivating ourselves to the core. After studying for a few moments, our companions start visiting us. Guess who?

Sleep and dreams!

Funny exam meme featuring Salman Khan and Bhagyashree in the meme template

Translation: You proceed, I shall follow you.

To get rid of sleep and refresh ourselves, we switch to our phones.

Now, what!?

As soon as you touch the phone, your parents appear. You may study for two-three hours and no one will notice but as soon as you touch your phone, they appear. What a connection, tho!?

And then you know what happens.

It's a funny meme on students and exams. The meme template features Alia Bhatt from Love You Zindagi movie.

Translation: Take my life

Oh, such a tragic sequence! But just hold your tears, don’t shed them so early.

The phone’s gone, so now what?

You start having an emotional backdrop and then gather your emotions and get back to study. And the beauty is your brain brings you troves of old memories and refrains you from studying. But still, you manage to study at least 1/4th of the syllabus.


Before the theory exams, you are greeted with practical exams. All the year you would have only played with the apparatus in the lab but now you have to at least pretend to use those apparatus accurately in front of the external supervisor.

Funny exam memes for students

In the practical experiment, even though you don't get accurate results, you somehow end up writing the correct readings by mugging them up beforehand. The only irony is when the supervisor accidentally finds quite a huge mismatch between the reading you obtained and the reading you noted down in the exam paper. But that's when the lab technicians help you and come as your saviour.

There are also computer practicals including complicated coding.

Hilarious practical exam time meme for students

Why is the compiler so heartless!?


After the experiment, it's time for the Viva session, basically a session where you unknowingly roast yourself and cordially invite the examiner to do the same.

Funny student meme about attending the viva exams