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10 Reasons You Need a Content Writer for Your Business

Businesses are shifting online to reach a bigger yet relevant target audience and multiply their revenue. One big challenge for your business is to take your product/service to the target audience, optimally convey the message, and influence your prospects to try your product/service.

Whether you use social media, website, paid ads or blogs to attract consumers, every medium requires engaging content. A well-written and optimized content moves the audience to know, trust and like your brand, motivating them to buy from and advocate your brand.

72% of online marketers describe content creation as their most effective SEO tactic.
SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate.

When content plays a pivotal role in online business growth, hiring a content writer becomes vital for your business. A content writer's words, SEO strategies, empathetic approach and emotional connection breathe a new life into your business.

Here is a list of ways a content writer can help your business grow.


A content writer specializes in storytelling and communicating to the audience about a business in a resonating and engaging manner. Content writers not only play with words but appeal to the audience’s emotions with relevant words and strategies to drive engagement from them.

You can hire an in-house content writer or outsource your content requirements to a content writing agency or a freelance content writer.

Statistics reveal that 64% of marketers hire a freelance writer or subscribe to an on-demand content writing service.

Your business requires content at every consumer touch-point to inform, educate, entertain or enthral the audience. A business needs various types of content writing services like article writing, website content writing, blog writing, social media content, ad copies, landing page content, email newsletters, video scripts, etc.

10 Ways a Content Writer can Help Your Business Grow

Infographic on How can a Content Writer help your business to grow


Many similar brands operate in the same niche and industry as yours, thus your business cannot afford to be a faceless entity. A unique business name or logo is insufficient to recognize your business in the competitive marketplace.

You must build a brand with a unique personality and a unique brand voice that sets you apart. Your brand must have a face and a voice that connect with the audience.

A professional content writer gives a voice to your brand and personifies the idea behind your business in the content. In this digital age, your brand gets recognized and remembered by the kind of content you publish.

Once you identify and segment your target audience and draft your buyer persona, the content writer will recognize the pain points of your potential customers and analyze their interests to adapt to a relatable tone and voice.

After the analysis, the content writer integrates every piece of your business content with a consistent brand identity establishing brand integrity across various content channels. They create content that resonates with the buyer persona, motivating them to navigate further and make informed decisions. A content writer helps a business engage deeply with its audience, forming trusted bonds.


One of the factors that can distinguish your business from the competition is your brand perception and brand recall value among the audience. You can do it by integrating brand storytelling into your business marketing strategy.

According to research by Headstream, if people love a brand story, 55% are more likely to buy the product in future, 44% will share the story, and 15% will buy the product immediately.

Infographic on statistics of brand storytelling

Competitors might have a similar business model, products and digital presence as you do but what sets you apart is your unique riveting brand story that steals the audience's attention. Your business needs a content writer to weave strong brand narratives that encompass the what, why and how behind your business and your USP.

Content writers manifest your ideal consumer as the hero, making the brand story relatable to your target audience and evoking emotions from their side. By doing this, you gain control over your brand perception among the audience.

This personalization and emotional connection set you apart from the competition, etching your brand image in the audience’s mind for a long.


Content writing not only means writing lengthy articles and publishing them online. Content must establish a bond with the audience.

As a business owner, you know everything in detail about your products, but it is not the same with the audience. They are not on the same page as you are. They are least interested in technical details or the features of the product. Their interest is in knowing how your business/product can help them solve their problem.

A content writer translates your business offering to the audience in a fascinating way with simple language and a customized writing style. They showcase to the audience why you are doing what you are doing and how it benefits them. The messaging is crisp, clear and effective enough to drive actions.

Sometimes the audience might not even be aware that they are facing a problem unless you brilliantly point out the problem and show them how it could get solved.


What drives consumers towards a business in this competitive marketplace is quality content. Your content reflects your business! The ultimate goal of every piece of content you publish is to drive engagement or action from the audience. It is possible only when you get into your consumers' shoes; think like they do and treat them with personalized conversation and solutions.

At this juncture, I get reminded of the heated debate doing rounds all over the Internet, “AI writing tools vs Human Content Writers.”

Businesses are turning towards AI writing tools to generate automated content in bulk to boost SEO.

To give you a reality check, these AI tools fetch content from top-performing blogs on SERP, paraphrase the content and build a new blog. They come up with facts and statistics but do you know what is lacking here?

A humane touch!

And the least that a digital consumer expects from brands is conversing with a bot without a humane connection. Consumers are gravitating towards brands that bring up more human conversations. They expect brands to be more empathetic, creating deep emotional connections over being random information hubs or a sales-y dude at the door.

A human content writer knows how to appeal to the audience’s emotions, drive positive reactions and motivate them to navigate the sales funnel.


The main reasons why online businesses fail are poor marketing and no search engine visibility.

An SEO content writer deploys the best SEO strategies in their arsenal to render a good user experience alongside helping your content rank higher on SERP, boosting your search engine visibility.