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Adding Links in Instagram Bio using Bio-Link Tools

Social media has become an integral part of marketing and branding these days. People of all age groups are becoming more and more active on social media platforms, and hence it is the best way to reach your brand/business to multitudes of audiences globally.

One of the leading social media platforms is Instagram which has become the go-to for most brands to influence people. The user base of Instagram has been growing leaps and bounds with the highest number of users being from the US, India and Brazil as per Statista reports. These stats clearly define how crucial this platform is to market and expand the reach of the business.

You can showcase your artworks, products, write-ups or any form of creativity on Instagram. To further grow your business, you can direct visitors to your website or online store, notify them about your multiple campaigns, new products, blogs, youtube video, podcasts, online classes, webinars, etc.

How to add multiple links in Instagram link in bio depiced by Doctor Strange meme template. Instagram marketing meme

But wait, how many links can you add to your Instagram bio?

Only ONE!

Sometimes you may feel that this one link is sufficient. But imagine, you have written a new blog while concurrently wishing to sell your new e-book and direct people to your podcast and webinar as well. How will you prioritize these XYZ links?

Wouldn’t it be better if you could display all those links to your visitors?

Also, assume that you have listed your artworks/products on Amazon and Etsy or any other platform and your website as well.

If a visitor is interested in your product and wishes to find more details about it or purchase it, they would click on the link provided in your bio. And you might have included the link to your Etsy shop but the visitor might be interested in buying the product on Amazon.

Assuming that your product is listed only on Etsy, the visitor might leave. It’s quite rare that the person would DM you asking for an Amazon listing of your product.

In that case, you may lose a potential customer. It’s like you have only one lifeline, and if that doesn’t work, you may lose a potential client. (Instagram allows you to sell products directly from Instagram but to enable this feature you must get approval for Instagram shopping and also have a sufficient follower base. Hence it may not be a good option for beginners.)

There are many such situations when you feel the need for a feature to add multiple links.

What could be the solution to this?

Have you witnessed that when you click on a certain Instagram page’s link in their bio, you land on a page where there are multiple links?

How to add multiple links in Instagram bio using Taplink
Taplink landing page

So, there are multiple third-party applications available to help you get around the one-link in bio rule of Instagram. These applications enable you to integrate multiple links into a single link and design custom landing pages. So that when a visitor clicks on the link in your bio, they can check out all the links without missing out on anything crucial.

Let me list down a few bio-link tools using which you can add multiple links in your Instagram bio.


Linktree is one of the popular link building apps and is quite simple to use.

You can sign up with the basic plan that is free of cost. With the basic plan, you can add your profile picture and unlimited links to the landing page. There are three different themes available to be used and you can also include your social media handle in the Linktree link. Also, with the free plan, you get to find the analytics like the total number of clicks for each link.

But the Linktree logo is included on the landing page and also the Linktree domain is added in the custom link provided.

If you upgrade to the paid version of $6/month, you can add social icons, video links, better analytics and several customization features.

Just sign up, use the drag-and-drop editor to add the links and see the preview. Finally, add the Linktree link in your Instagram bio and also your other social media accounts.

It offers many features even in the basic plan, and that’s a huge advantage.

Tap link is one other application that allows you to manage your links on Instagram. You can add multiple links on the landing page including the smart links to the messaging apps like Skype, Messenger, etc. so that the visitors can connect with you instantly through the messages.

You can create good-looking and highly converting landing pages by adding text, images, carousels, FAQs, launch promotions and offers, countdowns and create forms as shown below.

How to add multiple links using Taplink
Adding Blocks to Taplink Landing Page

As visible from the above image, only limited features are available in the basic plan while the others can be used only if you upgrade to the pro plan costing Rs.1020/year. With the paid plan, you can also integrate Facebook Pixel and better analytics. You can take a trial of the paid plan for seven days without the need of sharing the credit card details.

Sign up using your email id, create a landing page by adding blocks using the drag and drop feature, publish the page and connect your Instagram profile. You can add your custom domain and also get a QR code for your business. Finally, add the custom link to your IG bio.

ContactInBio is another application to design micro landing pages and integrate multiple links into a single link.

If you take a look at their website, they have precisely summarised that ContactInBio is a good Linktree alternative concurrently jotting down the differences between the features offered by both. Most of the features are similar to Linktree while the add-ons are that you can add a video background and google analytics.

Similar to Tap link, ContactInBio offers to add text, images, image carousels, smart messenger links like that of Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber, Skype and Messenger and contact forms. You can also update the page title and favicon.

Most of the above features are available with the free version, but the premium features are accessible if you upgrade to the business plan that costs $7/month.

There are a few other third-party applications like Tap Bio, Link in Profile, Sharely, Feed Link, Lnk.Bio, etc. that facilitate similar features. These applications allow you to create micro landing pages and integrate multiple links into a single bio link for your Instagram bio.

So, is the problem sorted? No!

If you could remember in 2018, Instagram had banned such third party links considering them to be spammy. In July 2018, all of a sudden, the Linktree links stopped working on Instagram.

So, you would feel relieved after adding such a custom link to your Instagram bio assuming that your visitors are being directed to the landing page containing various other links that you have added.

But what if this link doesn’t work and your visitors return being disappointed?

That’s quite a huge gamble!

There is no guarantee that these links will not be banned again and if they get banned without your notice, you may lose some great deals and conversions.

Hence instead of solely relying on these bio link tools, you can design your own landing page using a website builder which could be a more secure and highly reliable approach.

There are simple website builder applications available like Wix, WordPress, Squarespace using which you can design custom landing pages bringing good conversions.

Check out the blog How to Add Multiple Links in Instagram Bio without using Bio-Link Tools? to find out more on how to build landing pages on your own and integrate multiple links into a single bio link without using the link-in-bio tools.

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