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Here's OPJ, a Freelance Content Writer greeting your presence to my digital residence. I help you and your brand to get noticed and drive traffic via content that hooks the audience and influences them to make informed decisions, boosting your conversions.

Whether you have recently launched your startup or running a B2B or B2C business of any size, your prime aim will be to expand your customer base.

I can help you with that! Wondering how?

I reinforce branding and sales with rich content that initially grabs the audience's attention, educates them about your business/brand and effortlessly moves them down the marketing/sales funnel. 

Have a look at the services offered below.


Services Offered



Are you wondering why content writing is necessary for your business? 

"Content is the king" has been the catchphrase over the years as it precisely describes the reality of the digital world. Unless you convey to people via content what you have to offer, they will not recognize you nor understand your perspective. 

Content remains a consistent part of every stage of business, right from raising business awareness among the public to establishing your brand value, influencing prospects to make informed decisions in your favour to evolving a brand out of your business, generating conversions and retaining them - an engaging piece of content reinforces your branding.

Where Content is needed, a Content Writer is needed. If you are looking for a Content Writer to ace your Marketing and business output with highly converting content, I'll make sure your search ends here. I can help you with content that connects with people and builds trust for your business/brand. 


SEO Blogs & Articles

Blogs are the best Marketing tool to build credibility and establish though leadership in your industry, boost your online visibility and generate increased organic traffic. It has been surveyed that companies who blog get 97% more links to their sites.

How can I help you with Blogs?
I will -

  • Find & fill the content gaps along with comprehensive keyword research.

  • Write an original, plagiarism-free piece of blog content that demonstrates your authority in your industry.

  • Naturally blend keywords with the flow of the article and maintain an optimum keyword density.

  • Write an engaging article that organically drives visitors and backlinks.

  • Optimize the content with best SEO practices that boosts your domain authority score.

  • Boost your organic traffic and generate higher ROI via inbound marketing.



Content that evidently sounds sales-y doesn't work anymore! The digital audience has become immune to conventional sales advertisements. To thrive in this competitive and marketing-dominated digital world, it is vital to hook your audience with efficient ad copy.

  • I will write copies that entice the visitors to stop, look and interact with the content/ad.

  • With clear & crisp messaging, highlight the USP of your product/service.

  • Address the user pain points & establish your product/service as a reliable solution to them. 


Marketing Content

Social Media Content

Social Media is the hub for content creation, branding, marketing, promotion & community building. Regularly create content that aligns with the audience's interest, leverages the latest trends, entertains as well as educates the audience. 


  • With engaging short-form content, leverage the lucrativeness of Social media to raise Brand Awareness, Market, Sell & Grow

  • I can help you with social media content that hooks the audience's attention & retains it.

  • Optimize your bio that highlights your USP & acts as a magnet to pull leads.

  • Help you with Post content, Post Captions, Video Scripts, Ad Copies & Promotional Messages.

Marketing Content


 I will help you with:


  • Rich B2B content magnets that establishes trust and drives your leads to make informed decisions.

  • Business presentations and pitch decks enriched with highly converting content that establishes your authority & demonstrates your core competency while conveniently closing the prospect calls

  • Personalized content and enticing subject lines to boost your E-mail open rate and clickthrough rate generating higher ROI for your E-mail marketing campaigns.


Web Content

Your website acts as the storefront for your business. The content on your website builds your brand identity & makes it stand apart from the crowd.

  • I will enrich your website with customer-focused content that understands & caters for their needs. 

  • Quality SEO content that boosts your brand visibility via higher search rankings.

  • Content that motivates incoming leads to progress through the successive levels of the funnel.

  • Convey your concepts & highlight your USP with clear messaging.


Podcast Scriptwriting

Wondering what is a podcast and why should you start a podcast?

The podcast is one of the most popular forms of audio content that helps you drive brand awareness, establish a trusted bond with the listeners and form a community. 


I will help you with

  • Podcast scripts that pulls the audience's interest from pre-roll to the climax.

  • Shownotes that not only transcribes but supplements additional information to the message conveyed via podcast audio.

  • Search engine optimized show notes that rank higher on search rankings & on voice search results too.

  • Content to cross-promote your podcast across various social media platforms & email marketing.

  • Check out my podcast Exploring Career Opportunities.


Meme Marketing

Memes are the new-age marketing material that grabs the audience's attention instantly, boosts your brand visibility & familiarize your brand to the Millenials and GenZ audiences.


I can help you

  • Market your brand & products via memes that drive increased engagement.

  • Leverage the latest meme trends to convey your brand concepts in the most entertaining way.

  • Brand Storytelling in the form of entertaining Meme Stories.

  • Find my sample meme story on Students & Exams - A Meme Story


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