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Hello visitors! 

I am OPJ, an Engineer by educational qualification and a writer by passion and a freelance Content Writer and Social Media Marketer by profession. It gives me pleasure to script down my thoughts and emotions in the form of quotes, poems, memes and blogs. Apart from writing, I also deliver content via podcasting. 

I host a Podcast show named, 'Exploring Career Opportunities'. The prime intent of this show is to bridge the gap between passion and profession. To facilitate this, I interact with distinguished professionals from distinct work fields and try to figure out how to make a promising full-time or a part-time career out of our passion. Their journey serves as a roadmap for all of us.

I am not trying to be a jack of all trades, but yeah, I am on a voyage to explore every little passion of mine because I firmly believe that when we do something that we love, we rejoice every moment of our life. This website stands as a testimony of all my works and gives a clear picture of my journey.

I also believe that the best way to connect with people is by sharing a bond of smiles and emotions with them. Therefore, here I bring you a collection of motivational quotes, few inspirational thoughts, blogs, funny memes, poems and much more.

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