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US vs INDIA Flag Meme Trend of 2021 on Twitter

Memes have become a prime source of humour and also an integral part of marketing strategies. We have seen that most of the meme trends originate on Twitter and then floods the other social media platforms as well. Memes are a simple image with limited text that relates to masses while making them laugh. Memes have been working wonders for brands to capture the attention of the audience and henceforth brands have adopted Meme Marketing. Recently at the beginning of 2021, one meme trend emerged to be quite popular among the netizens and that is the US vs IND meme trend.

This meme trend witnessed netizens point the contrasting reactions of people of the United States and India for a similar situation differentiated by the flags of the respective countries. Major brands, memers, individuals and many on the social platform came up with their witty content for this meme trend.

Let’s put up a collection of few of the best posts of the ongoing US vs INDIA meme trend.

SBI wittily used this trend to presents the stats of its customers.

Flipkart pointed out the typical mom-child conversation using the meme trend.

Chai is one of the most favourite drinks of Indians and Zomato clearly described it.

Swiggy is not away from this trend and they highlighted the Indian tradition of Atithi satkaar.

Ixigo's content is highly relatable to everyone who is used to travelling in public transports.

We actually give directions by pointing petrol bunks.

Fevicol proudly used the Bollywood song that signified the strength of the glue.

Tinder India combined two popular meme trends of 2020 & 2021 as well.

At least once in a life you would have said this to your sibling.

IIFA highlighted the popular Bollywood dialogues that go with the trend.

Are you a Computer Science Engineer?

These are only a few memes on this trend but there are thousands of more hilarious ones available on social media. Creativity is evergreen and humour strongly appeals to people's emotion. This is absolutely witnessed from the above memes.

Let's find more meme trends in the upcoming days of 2021.


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